Tenter Frame

Ehwha Tenter Frame, 2200 (87”) wide, year 2004, #EH04-1946CH-2BM-DGHCMP-2200, consisting of:
A)  A-Frame Let-Off
B)  Scray
C)  Dong Young Uncurlers
D)  2-Roll Pad, rubber/rubber
E)  4 SS Tanks, 3-200 gallon & 1-225 gallon
F)  Compensator
G)  Spray Unit
H)  Mahlo Straightener
I)   MP Knife Over Roll Coater
J)   Ehwha Tenter Frame (Platinum), 87” wide, horizontal rail, clip, 10’ entry, 6 zones,
gas fired with Honeywell controls, 6 circulation fans, exhaust system, 8’ exit
K)  Ehwha Roller Cure Box, 60 yard capacity
L)  Cooling Zone
M) Scray
N)  A-Frame Surface and Center Winder for A-Frames
O)  Set of E&L Cloth Guiders
P)  2-Roll Surface Winder
Q)  A/C Inverter Drive, 480 volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle

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