Kenyon Tenter Frame

1 Kenyon Tenter Range, year 1995, consisting of:
A)  3 Parkinson Roll Stands, 144” wide, with Southworth scissor lift, capacity 5000#, Serial Number 540944
B)  Birch Brothers Railway Sewing Machine, 160” wide, Serial Number 1984, with a Merrow Model 70-D-3B-2 sewing head, Serial Number 254980
C)  Parkinson Turret Unwinder, Serial Number 94-0542, 160” wide belt, belt driven, with 3 belt surface unwinds
D)  Menzel Horizontal Accumulator, with conveyor belt, 160” wide x 30’ long
E)  Tension Bar
F)  Expander Roll
G)  Greenville Steel 2-Roll Horizontal Pad, Serial Number 950038-01, 1 roll is stainless steel 15” diameter, 1 roll is rubber covered, 18” diameter, with 2 submergeable rolls in the pan, minimum 10 ton pneumatic pressure, with 200 HP DC motor, 480 volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle, with gear box
H)  Operators Platform
I)    Kenyon Pin Tenter Frame, has an over and under entry HOWEVER the rails are side by side throughout the oven.  Due to the high-speed capability of this tenter frame there are transition chainwheels instead of bent transitions for the vertical chain arrangement.  Frame is 192’ long x max. 210” working width (min. 136”), with overfeed, E&L type 1501 optical guides for rail opening, pin wheel attachments, lubrication system for the chain, pins only, 35’ of entry before the oven and 7’ exit after the oven, 14 heating zones (140’) and 1 cooling zone (10’), each heating zone is 3,500,000 BTU’s, each zone has standard Maxon OvenPak Series 435 natural gas burner, with 2 circulating fans, 30 HP, 480 volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle, the cooling zone has 4 circulating fans with 4 motors (2 on each side), 30 HP, 480 volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle
J)   Main Drive is a 50 HP single AC inverter motor drive
K)  Mechanical speed of the tenter frame is 250 yds/min.)
L)   Menzel Compensator, 210” wide
M)  Parkinson Multi-Knife Score Cut Slitter, 210” wide, Serial Number 94-0543
N)   Parkinson 4-Roll Automated Batcher, 210” wide, Serial Number 94-0541
O)  Parkinson Transfer Table, Serial Number 05-0545
P)  Computer-Controlled Frame, electric width control and monitor, zone temperature control and air flow monitor for CFM
Q)  Mounted above the first zone of the tenter housing is an AirTech Thermal Oxidizer, Serial Number 1J123, 21,000 SCFM

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