Rope Opener

Bianco Rope Detwister, Type Rope Opener, #APEP00077E0814, year 2012, 60 meters per minute, consisting of:

  1. A) Rope Opener 2400 X 2200, stainless steel, mobile frame, H.6, single padder,
    standard tank, lever plaiter
    B) Movable Frame – Structure designed to support and link all the system parts; comprising n. 2 fixed columns made of stailess steel sections and n. 1 detwister unit supporting frame with system for adjusting the height from 2 to 6 mt.  This height-adjustable system facilitates maintenance as well as fabric pass, both for the rope-opener alon
    C)  Detwister – Rope detwisting unit with large diameter rotating body and stabilising rollers, mounted on bearings and powered by a wear-proof, controlled braking motor:stainless steel transmission pulley with remote-controlled pneumatic brake;torsion feeler, with translating rollers and proximity sensors with no contact, powered bycontinuous voltage stabilised for rotation signals; supporting frame with adjustable inclination;housing for the whole unit to fit the complete control box to; predisposition for variable speed transmission pulley; manufactured in stainless steel; manual operation mode. The detwisting unit is made of AISI 304 stainless steel, except for the commercial parts and the motors, which are covered by a protective surface.
    D)  Spreading Roller 94” wide – Twin stretcher roller unit BIANCO 360°, realized with two
    2 motorized stainless steel scrolls rollers, provided by a screw profile “I”. Tangency with fabric is infinitely adjustable manually
    E)  Pendular Guide – Fabric centering , realized by an oscillating lever-operated frame driven by a pneumatic piston.Tilting frame equipped with two free-running rollers
    F)  Squeezing Padder 95” wide – Squeezing padder with pressure obtained by pneumatic bellows. Rollers made in full special steel, rubberized by means of vulcanization.  Side supports with twin-crown orientable roller bearings, complete with dynamic rubber seals.  Inlet water spray pipe which also acts as an accident-prevention device.  Sheet in AISI 304 supporting structure with base for standing or fixing on the floor.  Powered by gear reduction motor which can be controlled independently (pilot) or by signals from a compensating dandyroll.  Electrical and pneumatic control box in a centralized console. Stainless steel water collection tank below the squeezer rollers. Diameter of the squeezing rollers is 290 mm. including 12 mm. of Topsec poliuretane rubber.
    G)  Simple Tank – Stainless steel impregnation tank complete with stainless steel rollers rotating on special anti-corrosion supports for wet-working. Sensor level e level control
    H)  Spreading Roller 220” – Fabric stretcher including two rollers with “I” profile, powered by a gear reduction motor with a manually-controlled reduction gear to vary the angle of tangency of the rollers to the fabric (220°)
    I)  Exit with Plaiter – Dancing roller. Bypass padder.  Machine for depositing wide-lapped fabric onto trolleys for transport.  It comprises a painted mild steel box plate supporting structure with sides, containing the mechanical driving and transmission parts, draw and return electrical circuits and control box, and lapping reel.  The fabric is drawn by three draw rollers controlled by a variable speed gear reduction motor with continuous adjustment by potentiometer from 0 to 80 mt/min.  Fabric’s drag through rollers with big diameter. These rollers are covered with anti- corrosion rubber. Deflecting rollers guide the fabric till the plaiting arm, step by step in order to obtain a regular plaiting to the trolleys.

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