Shear / Comet / 86” wide

Lot No. 3219

Comet “Orion” Shear 86″ wide, model 2000, year 1995, #C1146, Corino Guider with pivot bar.
Fabric enters fron buggy
Corino driven scroll rolls with centering device – 94″ wide
Wire brush – 86″ wide
Ledger blade and revolving shear (25 spirals) – air cylinder regulates pressure on ledger blade
Suction pipe
Driven exit rolls with tension device
Exits with plaiter in front of machine
Computer controls
Extra steady rest, extra ledger blade assembly, extra revolver with 25 spirals
Driven scroll roll motor: 277/480 volt, 4.5 hp
Driven exit rolls motor: 277/480 volt, 1.13 hp
Driven ledger blade motor: 208-230/460 volt, 1725 rpm

Lot No.