Slitter / Meevo / MKF BR 320

New Meevo MKF BR 320 textile cutting machine
With an innovative system of 8 easily adjustable longitudinal cut blades and 1 cross cutting blade with laser sighting, the MKF BR 320 ensures above average productivity. The textile feeder is controlled by a photocell that corrects the cut alignment in real time, aided by the system of support for unwinding, which controls the speed and stabilizes the textile during the process.
Robust roll feeding system
Reco-Tray for collecting cut panels
Easy-Adjust System
Automatic alignment correction
Cross cutting with laser sighting
Low maintenance
Cuts several types of textiles and other materials
380 Vac
Max. speed: slitting maximum cutting speed 600 m/h, cross cutting cycle time 4 sec
Max. roll wt: 250kg
Max. roll diam. 500mm