Tenter Oven / Marshall & Williams / Model 2000

Used Marshall and Williams Model 2000 Tenter Oven, year 1993
consisting of:
1) Low profile oven
A) 6 zones each at 10 feet per zone
B) Air delivery system with 2 fans per zone, centrifugal type, high temperature rated, flat blade, backward curved design
C) Finger type nozzle boxes with perforated hole outlet
D) Heating system – one Maxon Ovenpak burner in each zone
E) Exhaust system – two exhaust ducts each in the entry and delivery zones plus one exhaust duct in each of the intermediate zones
F) Control panel – Type III panel is complete center for the oven. It consists of a Nema 12 design enclosure with all components mounted and pre-wired to terminal strips. All AC starters, controls, buttons, switches, flame safeguard equipment, temperature controllers and safety disconnect are mounted inside or on the face of the control panel.
2) 120″ wide x 90′ long Marshall and Williams Tenter
A) Mechanical drive – heavy duty fabricated steel side stands and center stand provide support for the structural steel crossmembers, providing bearing support for all rotating parts, shafts, etc. Heavy duty Marshall and Williams Model 2858 gearboxes drive the tenter chain.
B) Structural steel crossmembers with rail saddles and adjusting screws provide support for the rails as well as width adjustment.
C) 14″ wide fabricated rails with removable wear strips and rail races.
D) Marshall and Williams Model 44 low profile tenter clips.