Van de Wiele Looms

(2) VanDeWiele VTR-23 “Velvet Tronic” Looms
S/N V-1327-001, year 2013 (Mill #5)
S/N V-1327-002, year 2013 (Mill #6)

Main Characteristics:

Type of weaving machine:  Velvet Tronic VTR23-175
The Velvet Tronic weaves face-to-face plain and dobby-designed velvets for
upholstery, decoration, dress, automotive fabrics…
Total overall reed width max.:  175 cm

Besides the high production output, the Velvet Tronic is also characterized by:
– a good stability, as the heddle frames are driven from the bottom with the
Dobbytronic in bottom position.
– an easy access, as there are no cross beams at the back or on top of the heddle
frames.  This means that quick style changes are possible.
– a new system of leno devices that is driven from the bottom and that does not
need to be removed for changing the heddle frames.
– filling tension used for shortening the false edge filling on the left side.
– a stable and optimized cutting motion.
– servomotor drive and control of pick regulator, pile delivery, ground and pile
beam let-off…
– an easy use through a powerful PC-based machine control with 12” color touch

Reed Drive:

The reed motion has been balanced and allows to weave at high speed with low
vibration level, maintaining the quality of the velvet.

With one set of divided rapiers:

The set consists of two insert rapiers and two receiving rapiers.  Top and bottom
rapier from respectively insert and receiving rapier are identical.

Filling insertion:

Filling scissors:  fixed on right side of the reed
Receiving rapier opening:  positive pending
Suction device on filling ends:  included
Filling tensioners:  included

Cutting motion:

Type:  Driven by three-dimensional conjugated cams, knife carriage guided on
precision finished swallowtail fixed on cutting bank
Type of knife holder:  Alum + sliding pieces out of synthetic material
Type of knives:  0,3×44 mm teflon coated
Pick regulator:  precision servomotor driven
Temples:  3 top and 3 bottom

Pile delivery:

Type:  Servomotor driven
Type of pile delivery rolls:  top

Rocker bars:

Number of rocker bars:  2 in carbon fiber

Take-up motion:

Take-up stand with torque motors of which the torque is electrically adjustable
by setting on the terminal (H.M.I.)
Max. take-up capacity:  800 mm
Number of take-up rolls:  2

Beamstand position:

Type:  VDW
For number of backing beams:  1 x max. dia. 1000 mm
Let-off backing warp beams:  servomotor driven
For pile warp beam:  1 x max. diam. 1250 mm
Let-off pile warp beam:  motor driven
Type of beam holder:  customer – VDW – Gusken type

Type of Leno selvedge device:

Type:  leno devices driven from the bottom, not to be removed for style changes

Electric equipment:

Voltage:  575 V
Net frequency:  60 Hz
Electrical power of main motor:  12 kW

There NO beams and NO harness frames

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