Republic Textile Equipment

Republic Textile Equipment brings 70 years of experience buying and selling equipment throughout the world. We are committed to offering the most updated used textile equipment for sale in the marketplace.

Our services include sales, dismantling, removal, packing and installation, including liquidation and auction for all types of textile equipment.

We are happy to give technical advice to our clients and assist them with their purchasing decisions according to their needs.

Our company has participated in numerous plant liquidations over the past 7 decades and is a recognized liquidator of textile machinery proceeding from some of these plants. Our goal is to maintain and extend our prestige and recognition through excellent service in the commercialization of used textile machinery throughout the world.

We are offering itemized textile equipment in various categories and lists of equipment for complete plant liquidations.

Use the left panel to search for the machinery that you desire, selecting by name or category in the case of individual machines or by reviewing the lists of equipment by plant

E Award

Republic Textile Equipment Co. is proud to say it is the only used textile machinery dealer to ever receive the prestigious “E” Award from the United States Department of Commerce.

Created in 1961 by executive order of President John F. Kennedy, the President’s “E” Award was designed to give special recognition to those few outstanding companies and individuals who excelled in their effort to increase United States exports.

The “E” Award, which stands for Excellence, Expansion, Effort and Exports, symbolizes the finest in American commerce and stands as a reminder of the ever increasing importance and value of participation in the global marketplace.

Republic Textile Equipment Co. was presented the “E” Award the very first time it was created in 1961. Since then, we have always strived to maintain the same level of excellence in all we do.