Verduin 100” wide Calendar, year 1995 (modern design with a C flange
where the rolls can be removed from the front of the machine):
A)  Feeds from a buggy, over to a tension stand 100” wide, under an
operators platform and up over an entry roll, over a bow roll and then
into the calendar
B)  3-Roll Calendar, top roll is steel, 100” wide x 16” diameter, chrome
plated, heated with hot oil
C)  Middle roll is filled, however at the moment it is filled out to 86” wide
x 24” diameter, with off nip drive
D)  Bottom roll is steel, 100” wide x 18” diameter, chrome plated, this
roll can be heated but at the moment it is running cold
E)  Hydraulic pressure, 75 ton max.
F)  40 HP AC Inverter Drive
G)  At exit is a Menzel Surface Winder, electric, 100” wide
H)  Hot Oil Heat Exchanger
I)  Has a newly spare filled roll, 100” wide x 24” diameter

Lot No.