Inspection Frame / Pernick

Lot No. 07402

Pernick Open Width Inspection Frame, Model TM900A, #9516, 72″ fabric width, consisting of:
A)  Driven cradle let-off, 80” wide, with two 6” diameter covered rolls and two aluminum 3” diameter rolls
B)  Plastic J Holding Bin, 87” wide
C)  Driven SS Scroll Roll, 4” diameter x 80” wide
D)  Felt Covered Feed Roll, 6” diameter x 80” wide
E)  Felt Covered Feed Roll, 3” diameter x 80” wide
F)  One Aluminum Beater Roll, 3” diameter x 80” wide
G)  One Back Light Inspection Board, 89” wide
H)  One Felt Covered Tension Roll, 5-1/2” diameter x 80” wide
I)   Two Roll Surface Take-Up, driven, 6” diameter roll x 72” wide
J)   NEW Edge Guide Control
K)  Yardage Counter
L)  D/C Motors (110 volt), for variable speed


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